By on July 7th, 2020


The U.S COVID-19 contagion toll Monday surpassed the 3,000,000 confirmed cases, the highest reported total in the world.

According to a count released by Johns Hopkins University, so far figures show a balance of 3,041,035 infections with 54,999 new cases, while the number of deaths rose to 132,981.

The grim milestone is linked to several virus outbreaks in South and West Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, and Georgia. Even when last weekend’s daily contagion toll decreased, early-week figures again overpassed 50,000.

The U.S epidemiologist Anthony Fauci warned about the complex situation the nation is going through due to COVID-19, for nearly 250,000 new cases were registered over the first five days of July.

Until this date, New York remains the most severely hit state due to 397,649 confirmed cases and 32,219 deaths. Its contagion toll places it just below Brazil, United Kingdom, and Russia.

Other states with high COVID-19 mortality rates are New Jersey (15,229), Massachusetts (8,198), Illinois (7,026), Pennsylvania (6,754), California (6,427), Michigan (6,221), and Connecticut (4,335).

In terms of infection numbers, California with 271,013 is second most affected, followed by Florida with 206,447 cases and Texas with 203,389 patients.

The total death toll has already exceeded White House’s initial lowest forecast with 132,979 deaths so far. The government initially projected figures between 100,000 and 240,000 deceased. Nevertheless, experts predict that the death toll could reach 175,000 deaths by October.