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By Karen Rajabian Testing a prophecy is a very important thing to do before God. In (l Thessalonians 5:19-22), the counsel of the Lord says: Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil. Discerning staged prophecy as deception is not an easy task to perform among true and false Christians members of the church of God. Discerning between good and evil, is to be done in the Spirit as it plays a role in testing prophecy. Discerning deception in the church of God, as one of the elements needed to be able to test prophecy may be understood by the reader. One more time, during my walking with the Lord, I had to test prophecy. Since 2005, since I began to receive the revelation from God, He led me to prepare His way among the nations prior to Him manifesting Himself to the world, among other things. As a result, many articles l have posted in this blog and many books, which will be in the market soon, I have also written, to inform the world about ongoing fulfilled bible prophecy. The works of God beginning to fulfill The End of Times prophetic events. Since 2011, however, it has been that after I received the revelation from the Lord about both, the sings of The End of Times, “The Genesis and Fall of the United Stated of America,” that I found the need of creating The End of Times Blog Website to inform the world on the issues currently matching both, the revelation that I receive from Him with written bible prophecy. As well as the ongoing matching up world events where the American government is the #1 instigator of violence in the world scene. The End of Times, was an alternative source of information, a voice being silenced by Google, Inc. and the US government against its own interests. Among many issues that CNN, the so called “world wide news leader,” hides from the world, especially from the American people, are the crimes it has committed against humanity under the guise of humanitarian intervention and democracy to be able to overthrow the foreign governments it disapproves. In addition to hiding how the judgment of the Lord has fell upon it for all the evil deeds it has done for many years. Certainly, there is a need for truth, but instead of focusing on the terribly important issues that we are facing today, the mainstream media feeds us an endless stream of lies on the issues that they choose that we should know. Since 2011, many prophetic writings have been published, prophetic websites and videos have been created to prophesy the prophesy and revelation of God or to say that they are the original prophets who prophesied the revelation of current world events. Some false Christians prophesy without citing The End of Times’ Blog Web Site as the source of the original revelation and prophecy. Neither, they cite the piece of scripture to show where in the bible the prophecy that they speak of, matches current global issues so that the issues can be confirmed as true Sings of the End of Times. Both acts, are acts understood as portraying themselves as prophets. Truly speaking, it takes them to read both, the comments that I, myself, make on their works and my own articles that they read about prophecy for them to start correcting what they do wrong or lie about just to go on with their works and continue feeding on false issues. Some other false Christians purposefully do both, prophesy without citing the piece of scripture to show where in the bible the prophecy that they speak of, matches current global issues so that the issues can be confirmed as Sings of the End of Times. And even say that they themselves or others, except the true prophet, have originally prophesied such events, which is deceiving. True Christians, by faith, however, serve God in Spirit and Truth and prophesy about the original prophesy, citing both, the bible prophecy verses, the name of the prophet and the media sources of the original prophet of God. Biblically, based on the word of God, that Christian is prophet of a prophet, which is not a common thing to see. No all people who prophecy is a prophet. There are true and false Christians in the Church of God. And the false prophets that exalt themselves for their own glory mock the Lord. Many are the false prophets. Recently, I had the opportunity of watching five videos produced by +Evangelist Anita Fuentes, who calls herself “Christian” and “Evangelist”, just to find her false and very deceiving for more than one reason. As you read this article, you may understand why. As l tested the prophecy of Evangelist Anita Fuentes, four significant comments I was able to make on five of the YouTube videos that she posted in G+. When watching her videos, you will notice how at first she implied the prophecy, making the audience believe that she was a prophet herself. And how as a result of the comments that I made in order to cover up herself, she had a false prophet prophesying my revelations and prophecies as his, which is very deceiving. You may understand why. Video #1 Video #1 Top Headlines of the Day – Open Your Eyes People Breaking News!:
My Comment on this video is the following: Discerning in the Spirit That video is fake. Ask me why I think so! She is not a prophet, but she portrays herself as prophet. I think that there are fishes behind her for their own mutual interest. We are to discern between good and evil. In this case, we are to discern between the mighty works of the Lord for his own glory vs. the hand made works of the people for their own glory! Repent and believe in the gospel. Video # 2 2015 Shemitah: Global Industry Collapse of Banking, Food, Retail, Oil – What’s Causing It
My comment on this video is the following: Discerning Between Good and Evil Her video headline reads: BREAKING NEWS: World Headlines Matching Bible Prophecy The word of the Lord speaks about the truth and false Christian within His Church and how to identify them. I have noticed that in her videos, instead of exalting God for His glory, she exalts herself for her own glory. In this video, she implies the prophecy. She prophesied about bible prophecy without providing the bible prophecy verses to say to be matching current global events. She spoke about some issues related to the US-led allies’ economic mess, which I, myself, believe their evil deeds have brought it upon themselves. And which issues are nothing new for the people of the world. It has been implied, however, that she has prophesied about the global economic collapse. The fall of America has been prophesied by this writter. This can be seen on my G+ stream. The fall of America is imminent; its economy will fall, its government will fall, etc. When America falls, it will affect the economy of its allies a lot more, among other things. She indirectly prophesy the revelations and prophesies of others such as myself that I have received from God, and have previously matched the revelation and ongoing fulfilled prophecies, and have compared bible prophecy with current global events. So, yes, I think that the videos of her that I have watched lately are fake. I have seen her prophesying and exalting herself without being a prophet. She indirectly prophesied the prophecies that true servants of the Lord have previously announced. In other words, she repeats the mighty prophecies and revelations of others without providing names and sources. As I discern in the Spirit, I can tell many things, which includes that she is not a prophet herself, but portrays herself as prophet. And that some fishes are behind her for their own interest. That is the reason why I think that this video is fake. We are to discern between good and evil. In this case scenario, in other words, we are to discern between the mighty works of the Lord for his own glory vs. the hand made works of the people for their own glory. In the book of Hebrews says to exhort one another, which I just did. Repent and believe in the gospel. Video # 3 FRIGHTENING! A Midnight Vision Given in 2011 Coming to Pass “(but not in 2015)”
My comment on this video is the following: The Truth Should Set You Free. I have been warning: “be not deceived” No one, nor the speaker on that video, the “supposed prophet” who said to have had received “the supposed revelation/prophecy” from the Lord, can tell or confirm such a prophetic revelation to such an extent. Currently, God is developing His plans as written on the book of Genesis. Beginning on Genesis 14 and beyond, one can confirm that only Abraham, himself received the revelation and prophecy of God’s plans that He had for him and his descendants, no body else, and in the present time it follows a biblical pattern in the fulfillment of that Holy Scripture. As seen in Genesis 14 regarding the nations such as Elam (Iran, etc), that rose against each other, is what he referred to about, but it was Abraham who dealt with the issues, no body else. In Abraham’s life experience history with God as recorded in the book of Genesis, there were no others to whom God confirmed the plans that He had with him or the issues regarding the war between nations to. Thus, there was no prophetic confirmation about the works of God about Abraham or the nations at all. So it is in our days, in the same way that God did it in the past, he is doing with the Abraham of our generation. There are two Abraham: the Abraham of the past and the modern Abraham to whom God is speaking to about His plans. Although anyone can confirm that the US-led allied nations current world economy is a mess, I can clearly see that that video message is fake. Since 2011, it took him four (4) years to speak about the “supposed prophecy”? Do not be deceived. Even if they, themselves or others would create another video to prophesy about it again, or even say that such “supposed prophetic revelation was made public earlier”, it would be fake. The reason being is that no one can change the order in which God’s true word is written and fulfilled. It is real, however, that God’s truth will always set us free, even from deception. Those actors are not the people who they portray to be. Again, some fishes are behind her for their own mutual interest. The word the Lord says: Do not despise prophecies, but test everything, hold fast what is good, which I just did (l Thessalonians 5:19-22). Glory be to God today and ever! God’s prophetic word is powerful! For true informacion about what God Almighty is really doing in the life of whom in His sight is the Abraham of our generation as well as His mighty works among the nations, please visit: Preacher Rajabian’s blog: Prepares the Way of the Lord. and The Genesis of the United States of America on G+. The ongoing Genesis prophetic work of the Lord that He is doing, could only be spoken about by people of faith. In fact many false and true End Times related websites and videos have been created since 2011 to prophecy the ongoing fulfilled prophecy and/or false prophesy. Hell is real, I urge them to repent and believe in the gospel. Video # 4 January 2015 Signs of The Times:
I made no comment on that 14 minutes video, however, one can see that +Evangelist Anita Fuentes,” touched on core defensive issues, and still feeding on false issues. Video #5 Word Of The Lord: Apocalyptic Winters means Nuclear…:
My comment on that video was: Warning We must be really careful with that false Christian and warmonger, who uses social networks and fake websites to speak lies, feeding on false American government political news. At this time she announces the gradual fulfillment of the Apocalypse blaming it on God and the “supposed -emails of others” for what she reports on. God is not working on the Apocalypse at all, many other bible prophecies must be fulfilled first. I see that she finally learned to cite the bible verses. Although the apocalyptic prophecies that she reads from the bible is the only truth, such prophetic events are not happening yet. At the present time her and no one else can justify war of aggression against no country using the word of God as a backup for approval. She appears to be paving the way of your acceptance on the America-led NATO allies nuclear war against Russia, China, etc. Today, I happened to have read the news on the United States Congress approving the Declaration of war against Russia Today there will be a widespread solution-the so-called “758 Resolution” adopted by the United States House of representatives on December 4. The resolution was proposed as the United States Senate and House of representatives, and provides a legal basis for war against Russia. It is really deceiving accepting that war and any other war or any other ongoing political event just because her lies, wanting you to believe on her false prophecy which requires you to forward her videos to spread lies The war against Russia would be a war of aggression. Her prophecy is one more lie and that of the fat fishes (non biblical expression) who are funding her to feed on it. They found that the best way to convince you to accept what the US government is doing overseas, is by lying, using false people and warmongers to spread lies, and God’s word for their own gain. Again, God is still working on the Genesis and Fall of America not for president Barack Obama having received a novel peace prize award that he didn’t deserve, but for the US government being wicked. I told you that she is a false Christian and certainly not a prophet. She is wicked and as such blasphemes the Holy name of the Lord using His word to feed her belly with the money that she gets for speaking the lies that the US government and the mainstream media want you to believe. Mine was not a Hispanic Attack. However, I strongly believe that no true Christian would support lies, false prophecies and deception no matter where it comes from. I have said it already, and I will say it again; hell is real, repent and believe in the gospel. As of today they have continued staging prophecy and getting people involved, mocking the Lord, but they will not do so for too long. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-16).