By on July 6th, 2018

By Karen Rajabian, July 6, 2018

#Pedogate, #PizzaGate Cost Hillary Clinton the Election and yes, she is being sacrificed to maintain the secrets

l, myself can attest to the fact that Hillary Clinton has been offered up for sacrifice (in that she did not become president of the USA). Instead, Donal J. Trump was selected to be president and he was put in office under the condition that he stays away from certain areas of the Deep State such as not persecuting criminal Hillary Clinton, who he had not prosecuted.

Days before the elections Donald J. Trump was chosen to win the presidential elections. Why?

If Hillary Clinton would have been made to win the presidential elections, the “suppossed” alternative media such as would have published all the information and evidence that Wikileaks have released on the paedophile politicians running our country, which news Obama stopped from being published by putting Trump in office!

I, myself, was the one person telling Obama what the alternative media had in store and publish it if the elections would have continued to be rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton!

Our elections have been rigged for many years.

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